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Twelve One Productions has the depth and range of creative approach, technical expertise and management solutions to bring your vision to life. Our team has dozens of years in the field of live events and digital media. Whether you come to us with an inkling of an idea or a full-fledged concept for your production, we get you there.

We’ve seen it all. We love a challenge. We relish in/thrive on making our clients happy with our process and the final outcome.

At Twelve One Productions we love a good brainstorm session. We like to begin by focusing in and drilling down to uncover your big picture objective. Start out with a clear concept and we’re certain your audience will react and be moved in the way you intended not only in the moment but also beyond the initial experience.

Once the direction is cemented, we get work. You’ll hear from us when we send you compelling teasers and milestone updates all the way up until show time.

We value clarity, communication and the ability to adapt to the imminent adjustments that come with the territory. We look at it as fine-tuning already great ideas.


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